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   SILVER MIRROR is a kind of functional glass, which is produced through a multiple processing work by cleaning, sensitized, silver coated, copper coated and two-times waterproof paints coated on the surface of quality float glass. Silver Mirror could supply clear and exact images.It is widely applied in various industries, like furniture, crafts, decoration, optical, auto rearview, etc.

   ALUMINUM MIRROR is a kind of functional glass, which is produced through triple processing work by cleaning, aluminum deposition, and two layers of waterproof paints on the surface of high quality float glass. With lower prices ,aluminum mirror is widely used in many fields.



1.Made of good quality sheet or float glass.

2.Single coated paint or double coated paint, many kinds of colors such as bronze, grey,  gold bronze etc.

3.Exact image and high reflection. Reflection ratio exceed 90%.

4.Deep processing, can be arbitrarily cut into any size and any shape.

5.Polished edge processing, round edge, flat edge, and beveled edge etc.

6.Mirrors are available in either silver or aluminum and suit all atmospheric conditions.

7.The mirror surface is clear and bright, giving distinct and lifelike image.

8.The plating layer is rigid and bond and the protective layer is impregnable with good erosion-resistance.





1) In communal areas in office or apartment blocks: entrance halls,lifts or landings

2) In shopping centers and retail stores

3) In bars, restaurants, clubs, theatresand cinemas

4) In public buildings, offices ,clinics and hospitals

5) To be used as framed or unframed mirrors

6) For paneling on walls ,doors or pillars

7) In furniture (tables, cupboard doors, shelves etc.


Common Tickness


Common Size



Cut to size is workable upon customer's detail requirement.

Common Color

Blue: Sky Blue; Lake Blue; Dark Blue;Light Blue,ocean blue.
Grey: Euro Grey; Dark Grey, Light Grey
Green: F. Green (Light Green), Dark Green
Bronze: Golden Bronze, Red Bronze
Pink,Golden,Clear etc.

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