lamps and lanterns glass

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Product Description

Reliable quality glass fitting clear float lamp cover.

Name  Glass lens and panel and sheet


 Float glass, Borofloat
Diameter Tolerance  +0/-0.2 mm
Thickness Tolerance  +/-0.2 mm
Processed  By Cutting,Grinding,Tempering, Polishing
Working temperature  Resisting high temperature shock
Surface Quality  Optical grade
Material Quality  No scratches and air bubble
Transmission   92% for visible light
Chamfer  0.1-0.3 mm x 45 degree
Surface Coating  Available
Usage  Opticl system, Photographic sysem, Lighting system,Electronic apparatus,e.g Optical wafer, Glass substrate, Optical windows, Filter, Flat lens, Round lens, Glass filter, Lamp cover, Lamp shade, Glass cover, Glass Shade, Light shade, Light cover, Glass lens, Mirror lens, Optical lens, Temper glass lens, LED lens, Reflector lens, Sight lens, Front lens, Panel lens, Glass sheet,

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